Lyft Offers EV Incentives & Tips to Drivers

Lyft Offers EV Incentives & Tips to Drivers

After the Lyft sponsored prop to provide drivers with EV subsidies failed, Lyft is now giving drivers perks  to through a ide challenge in California, partnerships on charging, and expanded EV rental options to make transitioning and driving an EV with Lyft easier and more lucrative.

The Lyft  EV bundle includes:

  • A new earnings incentive: Drivers in California will be able to earn an extra $150 every week by giving 50 rides in their personal EVs until the end of 2024 (though drivers will need to register their EV on the platform by the end of 2023). And they can keep earning the bonus week after week until they hit $8,100 (Subject to terms and conditions)

  • Fast charging discounts: Starting this week, US drivers on Lyft can access charging discounts at EVgo stations when they link their EVgo account with Lyft (up to 45{e3fa8c93bbc40c5a69d9feca38dfe7b99f2900dad9038a568cd0f4101441c3f9} off EVgo’s standard Pay As You Go rates for Gold and Platinum drivers in certain markets). They will be able to link their accounts at any time from the Lyft Rewards page in the Driver app. If they don’t have an account, they can create one for free.

  • Cashback: Drivers can get between 1-7{e3fa8c93bbc40c5a69d9feca38dfe7b99f2900dad9038a568cd0f4101441c3f9} cashback on public charging with the Lyft Direct debit card. The cashback amount is based on a driver’s Lyft Rewards tier and includes 7{e3fa8c93bbc40c5a69d9feca38dfe7b99f2900dad9038a568cd0f4101441c3f9} cash back for Platinum drivers, 3{e3fa8c93bbc40c5a69d9feca38dfe7b99f2900dad9038a568cd0f4101441c3f9} for Gold drivers, 2{e3fa8c93bbc40c5a69d9feca38dfe7b99f2900dad9038a568cd0f4101441c3f9} for Silver drivers, and 1{e3fa8c93bbc40c5a69d9feca38dfe7b99f2900dad9038a568cd0f4101441c3f9} for all cardholders at charging stations across the US that accept Mastercard.

  • Home charging discounts: Drivers can get a Lyft-specific discount on Level 2 (L2) home charger hardware with its partner Wallbox and get pre-negotiated rates for L2 residential home charging installation with COIL, helping with a significant barrier in access to affordable home charging.

“Electrifying our transportation network is a crucial step in helping reverse the negative impacts of climate change. We know many drivers on Lyft want to switch to EVs, which is why we’re focused on addressing the biggest barriers they face in transitioning: upfront costs and access to charging. These offerings are the latest in many steps we are taking to support drivers in switching to an EV on Lyft,” said Paul Augustine, Lyft’s Director of Sustainability.

In addition to this new suite of offerings, Lyft is also working with partners to add thousands of new EVs from Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Polestar and others to its Express Drive rental program next year. This provides drivers with a low-cost, low-commitment alternative to purchasing their own EV.

Lyft is launching a new educational website for drivers, which will help them understand if switching to an EV is right for them and the benefits of driving those EVs with Lyft. For example:

  • EV drivers on Lyft earn over 40{e3fa8c93bbc40c5a69d9feca38dfe7b99f2900dad9038a568cd0f4101441c3f9} more in tips per ride, according to data averaged nationwide.*