What the codes on your car tires mean revealed

What the codes on your car tires mean revealed

Going about replacing a tire can be a stress filled ordeal.

The very last detail you want to do is mistakingly get the erroneous tire in a haste.

Before you replace a car tire, check the code found etched on the side


Ahead of you replace a automobile tire, test the code observed etched on the side

The good news is, all of the info you want is observed on your car tires.

Once you can decode the numbers and letters, you can determine the exact specs you will need in a tire.

What do you appear for very first?

If you are seeking down at your tires, you want to find a code that is concerning 11 and 13 characters lengthy.

It ought to be a combination of quantities and letters.

This code is called the sidewall code. It will have a forward slash in the center.

How do you make perception of the sidewall code?

Lifehacker has decoded an case in point. Say you examine your tire, and locate the 11-13 people organized this way, P205/65R16 75H.

The first letter of the code describes what type of auto the tire is meant for.

In the case in point earlier mentioned, the tire style would be “P” standing for passenger car or truck.

Other tire forms are:

LT – light-weight truck

ST – special trailer

T – temporary

If there is no letter in the to start with character, the tire form is a Euro-metric tire.

What do the figures right after tire style imply?

Employing the identical example, P205/65R16 75H, the future 3 quantities signify the tire width. 

This would be 205, and is just the width in millimeters.

Next arrives the tire component ratio. These are the two numbers right after the initial forward slash. This would be 65.

Soon after the aspect ratio, you’ll discover a letter. This describes the tire design kind.

“R” stands for radial and “D” stands for bias tires. It truly is unclear why the “D” is made use of, but most tires are radial.

The previous two numbers of the sidewall code are the rim dimension or diameter of the wheel. In the illustration previously mentioned, it would be 16.

What about the figures that occur right after rim dimensions?

In the case in point higher than, P205/65R16 75H, there are 3 figures at the conclusion which are not really section of the sidewall code.

The 75 stands for the load index. The load index is how a lot pounds, in lbs ., your vehicle’s tires can keep.

Recall, this quantity would be multiplied by four for each individual tire to contemplate the vehicle load index.

The previous letter on your tire, the “H”, stands for pace rating.

There are a large amount of velocity scores ranging from 3mph to around 186mph.

Here, the “H” usually means the tire is rated for speeds up to 130mph.

If there yet another code you should check for?

Sure, there is a second code you need to glance for in addition to the sidewall code.

This code is referred to as the DOT code, which is needed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and signifies the tire satisfies minimum amount safety requirements.

The structure of the DOT code is DOT adopted by 4 quantities.

In other motor vehicle information, we explain to you how to verify the condition of your tires and share more guidelines for auto maintenance.

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