This UK classic-car EV conversion company is coming to the US

This UK classic-car EV conversion company is coming to the US

UK-based classic-car EV conversion specialist company Electrogenic has partnered up with companies in Vermont and Texas to serve classic car enthusiasts in the US who want to drive electric.

TATC in Dorset, Vermont, and Dallas-based Xerbera are the first companies to join Electrogenic’s global installer network. These partnerships will allow Electrogenic’s UK engineered conversion kits to be offered to US customers for the first time, enabling classic car enthusiasts in the US to convert from gas to electric.

TATC and Xerbera will be able to fit the Oxford-based Electrogenic’s range of “drop-in” EV conversion kits that deliver “plug-and-play” electric drivetrain technology.

TATC, known for its “nut-and-bolt” restoration work on Land Rover Defenders, will install Electrogenic’s electrification kits for the much-loved Defender models, as well as for the Jaguar E-Type and Triumph Stag.

Xerbera, which is widely respected for its comprehensively re-engineered custom Land Rover builds, as well as its restoration work, will offer Defender conversion and restoration packages. It will also carry out Electrogenic conversions of Jaguar E-Types, Porsche 911s, and other classic car models.

The “plug and play” powertrain solutions reflect Electrogenic’s approach of developing and
manufacturing its own technology, which includes in-house-designed software, printed circuit boards, and digital dashboards, and bespoke Battery Management Systems and vehicle charging technology. The driver interface also gets attention, with sport, eco, and traffic modes, as well as a regen-based hill-descent control function for the Defender.

Electrogenic’s drop-in kits also use a unique system for creating high-density battery packs, as well as compact in-line and transverse reduction gearboxes manufactured in the UK. The neat packaging solutions ensure that for each “drop-in” kit variant, the existing vehicles’ existing structure and architecture is preserved. This approach ensures that all Electrogenic conversions are entirely reversible.

All conversion kits drive through single-speed, fixed-ratio transmissions, and are capable of up to 6.6kW AC charging, as well as rapid CCS charging.

Electrogenic says it plans to continue its international expansion and says further announcements about other territories will follow in coming months.

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Photo: Electrogenic

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