These Were the 5 Most Common Check Engine Light Car Repairs In 2021 According to CarMD

When a verify engine gentle comes on, that usually means the vehicle’s pc detected a problem affecting the emissions controls or driveability. These challenges could be minimal but could still trigger harm to the setting or impression the vehicle’s gas economy. Having said that, it is also probable the complications could be really serious and guide to highly-priced repairs or routine maintenance if not addressed. This leads to a issue: What are the most popular test motor light repairs?

CarMD reveals the most popular verify motor light-weight repairs

Automobile Repairs | Justin Sullivan/Getty Photos

CarMD collects data on automobile repairs and publishes its Automobile Well being Index report on the most popular test engine mild-associated problems, repairs, and related costs. Utilizing this report, let us appear at the five most frequent problems in 2021, together with the repair cost and frequency of occurrence.