My Classic Car: Jerry Lyndon’s 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Custom | Local News

When and how did you acquire the car?

Jerry Lyndon said he got the car in 2020 to keep himself busy during the pandemic, but what he bought was a disassembled framework that had been stripped for parts. No paint, and hardly anything like what the vehicle is now.

“A basket case when I found it,” Lyndon said.

But from that, Lyndon said he could build something special.

“I always have a project going and I was without, so I bought a new car to stay busy and have something to do daily through the pandemic,” Lyndon said. “I wanted it to be one of a kind, so this is the result.”

That breathed a second life into the car, which is why it has “2ND TIME” on it license plate. And the second time around for this Corvette is nothing like the first as Lyndon said he modernized it in many ways.

What’s inside?

Lyndon said his or someone else’s fingerprints are on nearly every part of the car with many he said were numerous modifications, if only modest.

“This is what I had in my mind, and envisioned it,” Lyndon said. “I didn’t know if I was going to get there a few times, but I got there.”