More tips on keeping rats away from your car’s wiring: Roadshow

Q: Rats chewing car wiring are a terrible challenge out in this article in the boonies.

Hillary Winslow, Bolinas

A: And not just in the boonies. Currently we choose a spin in the course of the Bay Area, where by rodents can wreak havoc with automobile wiring, often leading to $1,500 harm. First, back again to Hillary.

Q: Irish Spring soap deters them. I set 1 bar in the engine of my Jaguar and an additional in the trunk. Rats nibbled a little bit, but in no way stayed.

Hillary Winslow

A: Uncomplicated. Great to know it functions.

Q: My neighbors acquired 3 cats to maintain the rodent population down, but their cats use my lawn as their rest room. They also scared away my bird and squirrel mates and ate most of my bug-having lizards. Please really do not get cats for your rats.

Stacy Frawley, Walnut Creek

A: A lot more factors why cats are not man’s most effective close friend.

Q: Goodnature A24 is a rat and mouse lure that is automated and self-resetting. It’s toxin-free of charge, so there is no fret of pets or young children accidentally staying uncovered.

Ben Smith

A: Comforting to know.

Q: Our 1998 Dodge Durango surely has the tasty cables that rats enjoy. I finished up replacing our wiring harness 2 times. I last but not least identified a tiny gadget that has stored them absent since, the P3 Intercontinental Beneath Hood Animal Repeller.

It operates on batteries and I’ve only replaced the batteries once or twice in the five decades I have had it.

I tie it to a little something about the battery, and it doesn’t go or induce any rattling. Operates like a attraction. The beeping is absolutely audible, but not terribly aggravating, unless of course you’re a rat.

Lisa Hazen

A: And …

Q: Test dryer sheets. Tie them around different wires underneath hood. Anyone in my rural community takes advantage of them.

Ellen Shehadeh, Inverness

A: A further straightforward solution.

Q: I have experienced no rodent motor compartment problems considering the fact that I started off employing RidARat LED lights less than my hood.

E.J. Finsler

A: And…

Q: Mice are repelled by the odor of peppermint oil. Put some peppermint oil/extract in a spray bottle and spray down your wiring. It is effective.

Mark Carbonaro

A: Great to know.

Q: My Volvo mechanic advised spraying Febreze less than the hood. I had to exchange a wire harness at substantial cost. No more rat damage transpired after I attempted Febreze.

Candice Basham

A: And now for today’s closing phrase.

Q: After possessing the wires chewed by way of underneath the hood of my automobile, and my auto wholly disabled, my routine maintenance man or woman prompt installing Mouse Blocker Pro. Like a charm! No additional troubles with rodents trying to find entertainment. Superior riddance.

Toni Thunen, San Jose