Marion Tech holds summer smart manufacturing camp

Marion Tech holds summer smart manufacturing camp

Marysville seventh grader Garett Ingle fist-bumps another student at Marion Technical College's 2022 Summer Manufacturing Camp.

“If you are intrigued in robotics, engineering and coding things like that, it would be great for you.”

These are the words of Garrett Ingle, a rising seventh grader at Marysville’s Bunsold Middle College as he awaited the option to learn how to compose code for a drone at Marion Complex College’s week-long Summertime Manufacturing Camp.

Ingle was a single of the students among ages 12 and 18 to show up at the cost-free day camp at Marion Tech, which allowed the younger minds to begin coding, operate in the school’s engineering laboratory with market robots and devote a session gaming in the Esports arena. 

“All the coding matters are exciting, like, you can modify them. The moment you realize it, it gets to be truly pleasurable,” he explained.