Look at Continental’s Amazing AVA Tire Test Vehicle!

Look at Continental’s Amazing AVA Tire Test Vehicle!

Continental is utilizing a new dedicated automobile for reproducible tire screening carried out indoors underneath managed conditions. The AVA permits exact tests of both equally the damp and dry braking general performance of Continental’s passenger car or truck tires.

AVA stands for Analytic Vehicle AIBA, and AIBA stands for Automatic Indoor Braking Analyzer. The AVA gives Continental engineers the potential to examination tires impartial of the test vehicle’s precise characteristics.

“Our analytic car AVA will help us to review the functionality of our high quality tires in even larger element and systematically develop them,” explained Boris Mergell, Head of Analysis and Advancement of Continental’s Tires team sector. “The general performance of the tire during braking is vital for the protection of the vehicle. For this rationale, we make wonderful efforts to analyze our tires as specifically as achievable.”

AVA launches to a velocity of 40 mph utilizing an electromagnetic linear travel, like the variety that catapults some roller coasters and then drives itself making use of onboard electric powered motors and battery. Four of the tires are driven by the electric motors and the other two are the examination tires, which try out to brake versus the pushed wheels.

The electrical motors’ higher torque assures a regular speed, whilst the electric powered brake-by-wire on the braked wheels has a lot quicker, far more exact response than a traditional hydraulic procedure, guaranteeing the validity and repeatability of take a look at final results.

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With the AVA, Continental combines the pros of a model-unbiased check strategy with a managed and reproducible test environment.

“Our AVA decides the transmission of forces involving the tire and the street surface, though many slipping states, so-known as ‘µ-slip curves’, are specifically reproducible,” described Meletis Xigakis, head of worldwide tire testing at Continental. “With the state-of-the-artwork measuring engineering we measure all of the forces which act involving the tire and the street area all through braking,” he ongoing. “We can look at our tires and their various compound compositions even far more specifically and optimize them for their unique employs.”

Continental opened the 75-meter Automatic Indoor Braking Analyzer examination observe at the Contidrom proving grounds close to the company’s Hannover, Germany headquarters in 2012. Its 5 different street surfaces can be swapped hydraulically to go well with the certain test. This offers the ability to do 100,000 braking checks a year on dry, moist, or icy roadways.

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The exclusive slicing edge exam auto is utilised on the company’s proving ground Contidrom in close proximity to Hanover, Germany.