How to take care of your CNG car: Key tips

How to take care of your CNG car: Key tips

CNG kits should really be put in from authorised sellers only, as it is a issue of safety of the motor vehicle and the occupants as perfectly.

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16 Nov 2022, 08:55 AM

CNG kit installation should be done by professional mechanics only.
CNG kit set up should be completed by professional mechanics only.

With the substantial increase in petrol and diesel selling prices throughout India, CNG has turn out to be the most price-powerful gas for autos. CNG, or Compressed Organic Gas, is not only an environment-friendly fuel for vehicles but an reasonably priced 1 much too. CNG-powered vehicles have tested to provide far better gasoline efficiency and as a result assist conserve on gas prices for motor vehicle owners. The CNG-driven autos are one kind of hybrid powertrain-geared up model, as they can operate on both equally petrol and CNG. Though the quantity of CNG fuelling stations is still to capture up with the number of conventional petrol and diesel refuelling stations, the range of CNG pumps is escalating, keeping tempo with the demand from customers for gaseous fuel.

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At the moment, there are a lot more than 200 CNG stations throughout India run by IOAGPL, a collaboration concerning Indian Oil and Adani Gas Constrained. Other gas promoting businesses also have their respective CNG stations across the region, which are more and more boosting the demand from customers for the fuel. In the latest occasions, driven by the surge in petrol and diesel selling prices, calls for for CNG cars have enhanced significantly. Whilst several vehicle house owners have been opting to transform their petrol cars into CNG ones by retrofitting with CNG kits, automakers much too are ever more concentrating on launching CNG cars and trucks. Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Hyundai and Toyota have presently introduced their respective models with factory-fitted CNG kits.

Speaking about taking treatment of CNG cars, they require exclusive consideration just like any other petrol and diesel-run car or truck. In this article are some handy guidelines for protecting your CNG car or truck.

Decide for authorised CNG kits only

Various car or truck brands have launched their respective CNG cars and trucks, which are superior and more reliable if you strategy to convert your petrol-driven car into a CNG just one, it is significant to decide for an authorised CNG kit from an OEM-accredited supplier only. Steer clear of putting in local or non-branded CNG kits in your automobile. They may well be cheaper than authorised kinds, but they are likely to compromise the basic safety of the motor vehicle and your lifestyle.

Inspect and clean up air filters frequently

Examining and changing the air filter at regular intervals is a essential stage in having care of the CNG car or truck. The air filter ensures the sleek operating of the engine as it prevents dust, filth and other features from moving into the powertrain method. A clean air filter not only assures the clean functioning of the engine but improves the fuel performance of the automobile as perfectly. That’s why, usually examine and thoroughly clean the air filter at normal intervals.

Look at for CNG tank leaks

CNG is a really combustible gasoline, just like petrol or diesel. This hugely flammable gasoline is gaseous and highly inclined to evaporation. A small leak in the CNG tank could be fatal to the basic safety of the car or truck and its occupants. Therefore, often look at for any leakages during the upkeep of the CNG automobile. Despite the fact that all-natural gas is colourless and odourless, but you can check out for leakage by your self. Some gas promoting providers give their CNG a pungent scent to make it simple to detect a leak. If you obtain any such scent, do not be reluctant to contact a CNG mechanic quickly.

Inspect spark plugs regularly

Spark plugs are one particular of the crucial factors of a car’s motor, as they are dependable for the combustion of the CNG. It is often advisable to make certain suitable working of the spark plugs of the car or truck. Inspecting them routinely and replacing them when essential is a important step when it comes to using treatment of the CNG car. Normally opt for higher-top quality, CNG-suitable spark plugs from branded and authorised dealers. Will not jeopardize your security by opting for local and more cost-effective spark plugs that may be minimal high quality. These minimal-quality spark plugs can lead to fire or destruction the car’s motor. It is proposed that you ought to transform spark plugs every single 6 months.

How to choose care of CNG motor vehicle

Action 1 :

Choose for authorised CNG kits only

Step 2 :

Examine and thoroughly clean air filter regularly

Move 3 :

Check out for CNG tank leaks

Stage 4 :

Inspect spark plugs regularly

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