Colorado State Patrol Shares Theft Prevention Tips in New Video

Colorado State Patrol Shares Theft Prevention Tips in New Video

Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is getting savvy with their social media ⁠— and it’s for a superior cause.

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CBS4 studies that criminals stole additional than 2,000 catalytic converters from Denver people past 12 months, and, according to CSP, Coloradans as a full observed virtually 37,000 vehicle thefts in 2021 ⁠— an 88{e3fa8c93bbc40c5a69d9feca38dfe7b99f2900dad9038a568cd0f4101441c3f9} improve in the earlier 5 decades.

So, how can we avoid these crimes? Thankfully, CSP has a new sequence of cheeky Fb movies to aid us out:

Tip #1: Lock Your M************ Motor vehicle

The idea of locking your automobile doorway might feel pointless when imagining about theft. If they want to steal my auto, won’t they split in anyway? Nope.

“Consider automobile thieves to be the raccoons of the human entire world. Those trash pandas want an easy food, so they seem for open or uncovered garbage cans [that] they can accessibility simply,” said CSP. “If it is really too tricky to get into, they go on to the future can right until they get what they want.”

Continue to keep that vehicle locked…and your trash can also (for the true trash pandas).

Idea #2: Avoid Utilizing Your Remote Commence…Even When It’s Chilly Out

Through the wintertime months, it can be tempting to get started your car or truck and go away it running unattended whilst you wait for it to warm up. Regrettably, this action will make your vehicle a huge theft target.

“Consider a operating automobile like a blinking gentle. Auto burglars will basically roam neighborhoods, often in pairs or smaller groups, in get to uncover those people unattended functioning cars,” reported CSP. “Resist the urge to remote start and leave your motor vehicle by itself.”

Your freezing vehicle may possibly not feel terrific in the minute, but it are not able to come to feel even worse than theft.

Tip #3: The Policies of Theft Avoidance are Like the Procedures of Real Estate

Brock Wegner // Unsplash

Brock Wegner // Unsplash

Place, locale, locale, newborn. Retain your cars and trucks in the garage and don’t leave your autos in dark general public areas.

“Believe in your intestine. If an area seems sketchy, come across yet another place that feels safer,” stated CSP. “Help us assist you.”

Click on in this article to look at CSP’s whole sequence.

Car theft is also dependent on the variety of vehicle you drive. Examine out the 11 most stolen automobiles in Colorado in the gallery underneath.

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