Classic car business booming in Corpus Christi

Classic car business booming in Corpus Christi

Jaron Jackson is a unique Corpus Christi success story. He flipped his first classic car for profit, launching a highly successful Black-owned business.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The secret to success… isn’t so secret. Just ask Jaron Jackson, who has taken his love for classic cars and turned it into a multi-million dollar business.

“I believe in the universe putting it into your lap if it’s meant for you,” Jackson said. “That’s kind of what happened here.”

Jackson’s story is a unique and prosperous one.

“I had an opportunity to purchase a vehicle and I went with it, and we sold that vehicle and we just kept rolling it on after that,” Jackson said.

That vehicle was a 1975 Caprice convertible. Jackson knew he loved classic cars from a young age.

“It goes back to movies growing up and seeing our peers in nice classic cars on rims and music and stuff like that,” Jackson said. “So, I always kind of admired that and wanted something like that and we got it now.”

What he has created in the last two years is a multi-million dollar classic car sales shop on the south side called Finders Keepers.

“It’s just catchy. ‘Finders keepers, losers weepers.’ You lost out on a deal, we picked up the deal. We take the money we make and put it back into the business and keep going with it.”

Jackson said his process is simple. He finds the cars, cleans them up and sells three to four in any given month. And he has plans to soon expand his business.

“We will start renovating. We are just waiting for our team to build right now,” Jackson said.

That team includes his fiancée, Jasmine, whose Masters in Business Administration helps run the business and a few friends from high school who help with transport and running the daily operations.

His most successful salesperson, though, might just be his one-year-old daughter Imagine.

“My daughter will take over. Now we got her in the shop so she can start seeing what’s going on around her,” Jackson said.

This near-overnight success story did not happen by complete chance. Jackson took lessons from working in the oil field refinery business for more than a decade and tapped into that passion for wanting to create a classic car empire.

“I watched how they handled business, how they structured their company and we can take that and move it to our company,” Jackson said. “I didn’t think it was going to turn into this this quick.”

This 30-year-old is also passionate about giving back to the Coastal Bend community and hopes to mentor future business owners.

“I don’t mind letting you know about anything I know so you can advance,” Jackson said. “A lot of guys gave me knowledge that I didn’t know, stuff like that, so we’re growing off it. Everybody should have the opportunity to do so. So, we’re going to help out as much as we can.”