Casper Restauranteur’s Classic Car Victim of Alleged Hit & Run

Casper Restauranteur’s Classic Car Victim of Alleged Hit & Run

She calls it ‘Baby.’ B-A-B-Y Baby.

Jacquie Anderson, owner and operator of The Bluebird Restaurant (Cheese Barrel) in Downtown Casper, announced on Facebook that her prized car, a vintage Model A Ford Sedan, was the victim of an alleged hit and run which occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, December 10.

“This morning, around 2:47 a.m., someone ran into the Baby,” Anderson wrote on her Facebook page. “Hit and run, most likely a drunk driver. And yes, she is totaled.”

Anderson did state that the car was insured, but it will require new parts, a new frame, and more.

“But just like The Phoenix, she will arise reborn once again,” Anderson wrote.

Anderson told K2 Radio News that the car was her father’s, one of the most precious things she owns.

“It was my dad’s 1928 Model A Ford Sedan,” she stated. “My dad has always collected classic cars ever since I was a little girl. So yes, this is a legacy in my family. Literally had my last Christmas drive in her last night. Was going to put her into storage for the season. I just purchased a print of artwork by Sarah Johnson, who used it at The Nic Great Gatsby ball.”

The car has been a noticeable highlight of Downtown Casper for years. It’s participated in numerous parades, and during the right seasons, it sits parked outside of Anderson’s restaurant.

“Everyone in this community loves that old car,” she said. “It makes them smile and is a great representation of Casper of old.”

It’s a point of pride for Anderson, not just because of its classic status, but because of the connection to her father. Anderson said she has filed a police report and she has been overwhelmed by the community’s support. Numerous people have shared her posts, offered tips, and more.

“It takes a tribe, and my beautiful community of Casper has reached out to help with support, tips, advice and sharing posts about the incident,” she said. “I literally have a band of Brothers who consists of a group of my Mechanic friends and classic car lovers that are working feverishly as we speak, finding parts etc., developing a plan of action.”

The car itself was hit hard enough that it sent the vehicle crashing into a light pole. Surveillance footage suggests that the vehicle which hit the classic was a silver  GMC Sierra four-door truck, or something similar.

Casper police have much of the debris that was left at their station.

“I am absolutely heartbroken; however, no one was seriously injured or hurt, including the hit-and-run driver,” she said. “So that’s a good thing – silver lining and all of that through all of this.”

Though Anderson is disheartened that somebody would hit her car and leave it in the state that it was in, she said she’s overwhelmed by how many people have offered their support.

“I plan on having ‘The Baby’ ready by fair and rodeo week,” she pledged.

It will take a lot of work, Anderson said. But ‘The Baby’ will ride again. It will come back stronger and faster than ever. Because, after all, nobody puts ‘Baby’ in the corner.

Authorities are still in need of any surveillance video from Center street heading up past St. Anthony’s Church. Anybody with any information is asked to call the Casper Police Department, and reference Case # 22-79702.”

The number for the Casper Police Department is 307-235-8278.

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