An Amazing Collection Of 230 Classic Cars Discovered In Hidden Barn Find

An Amazing Collection Of 230 Classic Cars Discovered In Hidden Barn Find

A total of 230 vehicles were discovered in three barns including rare Ferraris, Alpines, Mercs and BMWs, all amassed over the course of 40 years by one secretive Dutch collector

by Sebastien Bell

April 14, 2023 at 17:37

 An Amazing Collection Of 230 Classic Cars Discovered In Hidden Barn Find

by Sebastien Bell

A collection of over 230 classic vehicles, including Ferraris, Lancias, Facel Vegas, Alpines, Fords, Tatras, BMWs, Mercedes, Lincolns and many others, has been discovered in three buildings that were previously kept secret from all but a handful of people. Now, this extensive collection of classic cars is up for sale.

Gallery Aaldering recently uncovered the “Palmen Barnfind Collection” in the Netherlands. The extensive lot of classic vehicles, which includes a yellow Lancia B20 that Mr. Palmen acquired about 40 years ago, was assembled by the collector, who had previously dealt in vintage cars before amassing his personal collection.

His knack for finding cars was matched only by his love of privacy. So secretive was Mr. Palmen that even his neighbors didn’t know what he was storing in his warehouses – despite asking to poke their noses in on more than occasion. As a result, few, if any, knew of the existence of this remarkable collection.

Over the years, Palmen rarely sold a car and, as is evident from the vehicles presented here, had excellent taste in classics. In fact, his collection grew to the point where it came to be kept in three buildings: two warehouses and a church.

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Photos Gallery Aaldering

Now that the whole lot has been purchased by Gallery Aaldering, they have all been moved into just one of the three warehouses, which is located in Dordrecht near Rotterdam. The sale of the vehicles will be handled by Classic Car Auctions.

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As you can see in these videos and photos, the collection is so dense it’s hard to keep track of everything in there. However, there is a full list on CCA’s website, and collectors will no doubt be as excited by the variety of vehicles as they are by the size of Palmen’s hoard. Among the cars listed are Jaguars, Alfa Romeos, Chevrolets, Alvises, Villards, BMWs, Aston Martins, and more.

Although the vehicles are undeniably dirty (this is a barn find, after all), Classic Car Auctions and Gallery Aaldering claim that they are in good, albeit unrestored condition. Mr. Palmen is said to have maintained the collection alone (hence the dust), but he started the engines regularly to ensure that they didn’t seize. An amount of work will no doubt be required to freshen up the majority of the vehicles, though.

Those interested in any of the vehicles contained in this collection can bid for them at the upcoming Palmen Barnfind auction, which will start online on May 19. Viewing days will be held on May 27, 28, and 29, and the auction will close in three waves, on June 5, 6, and 7.