Adam Carolla’s Classic Car Collection Is Worth $13 MILLION

Comedian Adam Carolla is the owner of a $13 million car collection, and he might just lose half of it if his wife has something to say about it.

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Adam’s ex-wife — Lynette Carolla — is asking a judge in a Los Angeles County Court to order the podcast host to pay a hefty amount of spousal and child support. Shockingly, she outlines the massive amount of real estate and an insane car collection that make up the family’s massive wealth.

As you know, Carolla is a very successful comedian, producer, and actor and makes a ton on his podcast “The Adam Carolla Show.”

The information was provided in a new filing inside the former couple’s ongoing divorce. The duo was married for almost 17 years before the comedian filed for divorce in 2019.

Adam Carolla’s Real Estate Portfolio Is Worth Over $9 Million

Adam Carolla's Classic Car Collection Is Reportedly Worth $13 MILLION

In the documents, Lynette claims”Adam made it clear at the outset of this proceeding that he felt I was entitled to nothing despite the length of our marriage and the size of our community property estate. He has steadfastly maintained that all of the automobiles and all of his income are “his” and that I did not deserve to receive spousal support nor my one-half share of our assets.”

That’s where it gets crazy. According to his ex-wife, Adam Carolla is rolling in dough. To start, she says they are owners of a “sprawling 7,327 square foot, 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom home which features a full-size media room, home gym, swimming pool, outdoor sports court, and fully equipped outdoor dining and living spaces located in the prestigious La Canada Flintridge neighborhood,” worth $8 Million.

In addition to the main house, she says “they amassed a large real estate portfolio which includes homes in Malibu, Sherman Oaks and Anacortes, Washington, four commercial warehouse buildings.” During their marriage she points out they were also members of a country club in Los Angeles. 

Adam Carolla’s Ex-Wife Outlines His INSANE $13 Million Classic Car Collection

Adam Carolla's Classic Car Collection Is Reportedly Worth $13 MILLION
Adam Carolla and wife LynetteAt the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson, Sony Studios, Culver City, CA 08-07-05 Newscom/(Mega Agency TagID: icphotos002184.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]

Shockingly, Lynette claims the largest asset in the family is “the automobile collection alone (which) is valued at over $13,000,000 and is the most valuable asset within the estate.” Wait what?!

That’s right…Adam Carolla is a classic car collector and has a massive collection. According to reports, he is the owner of several cars worth over a million dollars. One is a 1979 Porsche 935 driven by Paul Newman in the Le Man’s victory in 1979. It alone is worth almost $5 million. The comedian owns a Lamborghini Miura P400S, purchased at auction for $1.4 million.

The collection includes a Lamborghini Islero, 1965 Lamborghini 350GT, 2005 Aston Martin DB9, 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass, 1987 Nissan 300ZX, and a 1984 Nissan 280ZX.

In all, Carolla’s wife says the collection is worth $13 MILLION! Interestingly, she points out that $3,729 is spent on the “maintenance of his personal and classic automobile
collection.” Adding, the “race car collection that rivals that of Jay Leno.” 

It should be noted, Lynette doesn’t come right and out and say she wants half of the cars — just her cut of the overall wealth and assets.

Lynette Carolla Is Asking For A Massive Amount Of Spousal & Child Support

Adam Carolla's Classic Car Collection Is Reportedly Worth $13 MILLION

But, that’s not all. Lynette is asking the court to chop up the family’s community property and force him to pay support. She claims that he historically earns in excess of
$271,924 per month. In the filing, she points out Adam should be paying around $66,217 per month of spousal support for the rest of her life. Along with over $21,000 in child support for their two children.

In the end, Lynette gives Adam credit where credit is due. She says her ex-husband “is one of the most prolific broadcasters of his generation and is widely known as a comedian,
actor, radio personality, television host, and a New York Times best-selling author. He has authored multiple successful books, and currently hosts the most popular podcast on
the internet, The Adam Carolla Show, and was awarded “Most Downloaded Podcast” by the official Guinness Book of World Records.”

The bottom line, she just wants the court to make him pony up!