A Millionaire’s Abandoned Classic Car Collection Offers Some Hidden Gems

A Millionaire’s Abandoned Classic Car Collection Offers Some Hidden Gems

YouTube channel The Daily Dad explores the property before attempting to make a deal with the current owner of the collection.

YouTuber The Daily Dad heads to a massive antique car collection and the owner is selling it all for $1,000,000. During the video, he, along with another collector, explore the property and encounter a large number of classic cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Check out the video on YouTube to see what they find there and what the end result is after finding a handful of trucks that are worth saving.

A Millionaire’s Abandoned Collection

As the video starts off at the property, the first few vehicles in sight are an older Nissan Altima and Ford Crown Victoria station wagon which are not necessarily classic cars that could encourage some level of enthusiasm among collectors.

That quickly changes once the guys encounter a vintage Ford pickup truck with a V8 engine that has clearly been sitting for some time outside but has a lot of character. Parked near the Ford is a classic car with a unique visor over the windshield which they comment could match any red vintage car really well.

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They look at another classic Ford pickup truck with a short bed on the property. It has some rust damage but they comment that it looks alright overall and is likely able to get saved. The Daily Dad doesn’t plan to make a purchase from the contents of the collection but The Old Truck Guy has a different goal in mind. He hopes to find vehicles that can get restored and eventually be re-sold.

There are a number of Ford pickup trucks across the property from a number of model years, particularly from the 1950s.

Some Desirable Classic Car Finds

Abandoned Millionaire's Car Collection - Dodge Truck
Via: YouTube – The Daily Dad

Among the other vehicles on the property include a Studebaker pickup truck and a Chevrolet Bel Air sedan. There are also some non-automobiles such as an old riding lawnmower as well as a minibike.

The wide variety of vehicles on the property inspires many possibilities of what could get done with the right restorations and efforts. The property also has a Ford Fairlane, a Ford Econoline van, and a 1940s-era Dodge truck that is in decent condition.

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The Old Truck Guy takes interest in a handful of trucks on the property and evaluates the ease of removing them from the property. At the end of the video, he speaks with the owner and asks if he can buy a few specific pickup trucks from the property but the owner is hesitant at the initial offer.

He changes the number from nearly 10 to just 1 truck but the owner doesn’t budge at wanting to sell the entire collection in a single sale. Unfortunately, they have to walk away without any vehicles. However, the potential impending sale of the property the cars sit on could present an opportunity to obtain one of them in the future.