10 Of The Coolest Classic Cars Fitted With Modern Hearts

Exotic car brands have been around for years. Top carmakers such as Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Aston Martin are doing their best to preserve their most remarkable models. Many of these brands aim at reaching an exclusive audience and are limited edition productions. The target market of such exotic offerings is usually a class of people with strong purchasing power and deep automotive knowledge. Exotic cars are therefore consistently ranked among the most expensive cars in the world.

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And even though there are some excellent modern exotics in the market, there’s a select group of enthusiasts who love to keep it classic. This means that they’d rather fit modern underpinnings in a timeless classic car than buy a new one. That said, several tuning shops have taken the initiative of fitting modern hearts into classic exotics, and here are ten of the coolest.

10 Land Rover Defender Works

There are many ways the new Defender improved over the old one, but some people still prefer the old one. The classic Land Rover Defender Works is an old exotic that embraces modernity in many ways. First off, it features a 5.0-liter V8 with an excellent output of 400 horsepower. The off-road classic also features an ultra-modern eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Defender Works is even more interesting because it is built by the manufacturer, not a tuning shop. Its current offering features modern accessories such as the brakes and a superb handling kit perfected by heavy-duty steel wheels. The off-road accessories available on the Defender Works include a multi-point roll cage, mud-terrain tires, and a raised air intake. Complementing all these is a comfortable interior characterized by Recaro sports seats and a state-of-the-art dashboard.

9 Ringbrothers Defiant

The Ringbrothers of Wisconsin are well-known for the unapologetic determination to convert old classic cars into modern exotics without losing their vintage appeal. They do not focus on one marque to achieve their dream; instead, they mod vehicles from all corners of the automotive world. And one of their most famous Restomod is this 1972 AMX Javelin they call Defiant.

The Defiant still has the classic features of the original model, such as the round headlamps, pointy grille, and arched fenders, but everything else has been redesigned. The front wheels and arches are moved 6.5 inches to eliminate the long overhang. Further modifications include the addition of a two-piece diffuser and a new emblem between the long taillights. And to ensure that the car’s interior is as elegant as it should be, Ringbrothers fitted it with new leather upholstery and modern floor mats. All factors considered, the Defiant is among the coolest restomods car tuners ever made.

8 Eagle Spyder GT

The Eagle Spyder GT is the modernized version of the Jaguar E-Type roadster. It has a curvy body, a contemporary suspension and a higher-output engine – a 4.7-liter producing 330 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque.

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The Roadster has been heavily modified to give it a massive shift from the original model. The Spyder GT maintains the original beautiful design but complements it with wider wheels. It also features a more customized suspension setup and a double-wishbone arrangement at the front, while the rear wishbones are lower.

7 Icon Bronco

The Icon Bronco is as iconic as the name suggests. The car pays tribute to the original Ford Bronco of the 1960s. Designed by Jonathan Ward and Camilo Pardo, the Icon Bronco features several meticulous features, including Stoptech brakes, Eibach coils, an Atlas II four-wheel-drive transfer case, and Fox Racing shocks.

From the outside, the Bronco is as classic as they come. But it is something different from the inside. The vehicle features a 5.0-liter V8 engine and a five-speed manual transmission. Other elements such as keyless ignition, stainless steel trim, and LED lighting give the car a modern stance.

6 Singer Vehicle Design

The name Singer Vehicle Design honors Porsche Engineer Norbert Singer. Classic Porsche 911 lovers enjoyed their first look at Singer Vehicle’s Dynamics and Light weighting Study during the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Singer displayed the parallax White DLS car commemorating its 25th anniversary. The car has a carbon fiber body and is propelled by a 500-horsepower air-cooled engine. The vehicle has several technology features but retains the classic design fundamentals. Inspired by the familiar Porsche 911 and modeled to resemble most aspects of the car, the Singer Vehicle Design is the perfect definition of an old shell with modern internals.

5 Alfaholics GTA-R 290

Alfaholics GTA-R 290
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This adventurous car deserves to be on this list, given its incredible features. Its monocoque steel body and carbon fiber doors are remarkably outstanding. It has a Twin Spark Engine that punches out 240 horsepower at 7000rpm. The engine has a Motec management system with ITB electronic fuel injection.

Alfaholics GTA-R 290
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The car’s interior has leather-trimmed Recaro seats and inflatable lumbar support. It is fitted with Wilton wool and carpets and has Dynamat sound and heat insulation. The suspension has adjustable gas shock absorbers and Titanium fasteners.

4 Congleton Service Range Rover Classic

Congleton Service Range Rover Classic
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Congleton Service is tasked with restoring classic Range Rovers. They schedule maintenance and repairs and ensure that the Rovers are back to life. A complete restoration process for a Range Rover requires around 10,000 operations.

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Congleton Service Range Rover Classic
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While the process is painstakingly slow and tedious, the results are worth waiting. No shortcuts are taken, meaning that the vehicles are restored to perfection. Driving these classics remains a dream to many, and anyone who has driven one must have relished the moment.

3 Mechatronik W111 Coupe

Mechatronik W111 Coupe
Via mechatronik.de

A well-kept Mercedes-Benz classic rarely disappoints. True to this, a restored one drives 100 times better, and the Mechatronik W111 Coupe is definitely one of the most captivating classic Mercedes with a modern heart.

Mechatronik W111 Coupe
Via mechatronik.de

It’s equipped with a potent 5.5-liter engine that produces 360 horsepower. The P Mechatronik W111 is equipped with a five-speed automatic gearbox. The coupe’s suspension is perfectly aligned for excellent handling. The suspension is also enhanced with performance springs and shock absorbers. Its braking system is probably one of the best and consists of ventilated discs. The discs are efficiently cooled and react flawlessly even on wet terrain.

2 Frontline Developments MG

Frontline Developments MG
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Frontline Developments, founded in the 1920s, is an automotive corporation in the United Kingdom. As creators of the MG Abingdon edition, the company made a remarkable contribution to the world of exotic cars. The quality and craftsmanship of the model is pretty much exceptional.

Frontline Developments MG
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The Abingdon accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds. Its suspension and braking combined with the most detailed finishing make the car a real gem. The engine produces 289 horsepower at 6800 rpm and has a top speed of 160mph.

1 Spydercars Elan

Spydercars Elan
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Spydercars Lotus Elan is a very lively car on the road. It is one of the best-handling cars in the market. The car was launched in 1962, and in the late ‘60s, it was already racing against the top F1 World Championships.

Spydercars Elan
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The Spydercars Elan is the classic Lotus Elan with modern underpinnings. It features several upgrades, including xenon headlights. The car has a stainless exhaust system and a stainless tubular manifold. The Restomod aspect of the vehicle adds to its appeal, while its modern gearbox enhances its drivability.

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